Colloquium Schedule 2013-2014

“Hinterlands, Frontiers, Cities, and States: Transactions and Identities”
Fall 2013

September 6
Jennifer Pournelle, Environmental and Sustainability Program, University of South Carolina
“Lessons from Iraq: Marshes and Urban Resilience”
Supplement to Paper

September 13
Brewster Kneen, Author and Publisher, “The Ram’s Horn”
“Disconnecting the Dots: Boundaries and Rights”

September 20
Allen Isaacman, History, University of Minnesota
“Building Cahora Bassa Dam: Extending South Africa’s Tentacles of Empire, 1965-2013”

September 27
Andrea Wulf, Author of “The Brother Gardeners” and “Chasing Venus”
“The Founding Gardeners: The Revolutionary Generation, Nature and the Shaping of the American Nation”

October 4
Graeme Auld, Public Policy, Carleton University
“Opportunity Structures for and from Private Governance”

October 11
Edmund Russell, History, University of Kansas
“Coevolutionary History”

October 18
Christopher Krupa, Anthropology, University of Toronto
“Speculative Futures: Finance Capital and Labor-in Potentia in Ecuador’s Cut-Flower Sector”

November 1
Helen Curry, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge
“Atoms in Agriculture”

November 8
Jessica Cattelino, Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles
“Unsettling Nature: Invasive Species in the Everglades”

November 15
Julie Hughes, History, Vassar College
“Preserved Tiger, Protected Pangolin, and Disposable Dhole: The Animal Aspects of Wilderness in Princely India”

December 6
Alice Kelly, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley
“The Crumbing Fortress: A Trajectory of Territory, Access, and Subjectivity Production in Waza National Park”

Spring 2014

January 17
Jenny Leigh Smith, History, Technology, and Society, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Agricultural Involution in the Postwar Soviet Union”

January 24
Jeffrey M. Pilcher, History, University of Minnesota
“Imperial Hops: How Beer Traveled the World”

January 31
Andrew Mathews, Anthropology, University of California Santa Cruz
“Plant Politics: Forests and Climate Change in Italy and Mexico”

February 7
Teresa Kurtak, Farmer and Co-Owner, Fifth Crow Farm
“Whose Voice Counts? Reflections of an American Farmer on Food and Agriculture in California and West Africa”

February 14
Tristram Stuart, Author, Activist, and “Freegan”
“Why Understanding Food and Caring about It is Caring for Land”

February 21
Robert Baum, Religion, Dartmouth College
“Prophetic Critiques of Colonial Agriculture Schemes: The Case of Alinesitoué Diatta in Vichy Senegal”

February 28
Daniel Botsman, History, Yale University
“From ‘Sacred Cow’ to Kobe Beef: Japan’s Bovine Revolution”

March 28
Thomas Fleischman, Agrarian Studies Fellow
“’A Plague of Wild Boars’: Heinz Meynhardt, Kulturlandschaft, and Nature in East Germany”

April 4
Abigail Neely, Agrarian Studies Fellow
Hlonipa and Health: Livelihoods, Taboos, and Nutrition in mid-Twentieth Century Pholela, South Africa”

April 11
Tenzin Jinba, Agrarian Studies Fellow
“When the Chinese and Tibetan Civilizing Projects Converge: Politics, Identity, and Social Change on the Sino-Tibetan Border”

April 18
Michael Hathaway, Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University
“Emerging Matsutake Worlds”