FALL 2017

The Colloquium runs from 11 AM until 1 PM in Luce 203

*except for September 15 in 230 Prospect St Room 101; October 6 and November 3 in Luce 202

September 15

Paul Freedman; Yale University, History

“The U.S. Farm-to-Table Movement”

In 230 Prospect St Room 101

September 22

Cecilia Tsu; UC Davis, Anthropology

“Harvest of Self-Help: Refugees, Community Gardening, and the Agrarian Dream”

In Luce 203

September 29

Aniket Aga; University of Michigan SNRE, SoF   

“The Ethical Publicity of Agri-chemicals in Western India: The Limits of Dualist Conceptions of Political Economy”

In Luce 203

October 6

Natalia Mamonova; The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Political Science

“Naive Monarchism and Rural Resistance in Contemporary Russia”

In Luce 202

October 13

Nancy Langston; Michigan Technical, History

“Sustaining Lake Superior: Mining, Water Quality, and Indigenous Environmental Justice” 

In Luce 203

October 27

Madeleine Reeves; Manchester, Anthropology

“Sovereign (Be)longings: State-Desire and the Anthropology of Exception”

In Luce 203

November 3

Glenn Dynner; Sarah Lawrence College, Religious Studies

“Pogroms in Rural Poland: The Breakdown of an Age-Old Economic Symbiosis”

In Luce 202

November 10

Fernando Santos-Granero; Smithsonian, Anthropology

“Slavery as Structure, Process or Lived Experience, or Why Slave Societies Existed in Pre-contact Tropical America”

In Luce 203

December 1

Michael Dwyer; CIFOR, Political Ecology

“Authority Problems: Concession Formalization and State Formation in Contemporary Laos.”

In Luce 203

December 8

Pablo Lapegna; University of Georgia, Sociology

“The Argentine Soybean Boom: Agrochemical Exposure and Peasant Demobilization”

In Luce 203