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Colloquium Series, Fall 2001�2002

September 14

Charles Geisler
Rural Sociology, Cornell University
�Parks as Place-Making in Africa: Another Side of Nature�

September 21

Mark Ritchie
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis, MN
�Agrarian Contributions to the Debate over Global Governance: A Look Back on Seattle and Forward to a New Global System�

September 28

Sheila Jasanoff
Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Harvard University
�Heaven and Earth: Images and Models of Environmental Change�

October 5

Hugh Raffles
Anthropology, University of California/Santa Cruz
�Fluvial Intimacies�

October 12

Luise White
History, University of Florida
�Race, Regiment, and Counter-insurgency: An Exploration in Military History and Ideas about Nationality in Rhodesia�

October 19

Jack Temple Kirby
History, Miami University of Ohio
�Memorializing Peasants: A Search for Repute�

October 26

Linda-Anne Rebhun
Anthropology, Yale University
�Women, Men, (and Dogs) in Northeast Brazil�

November 2

Michael Ross
Political Science, UCLA
�Oil, Drugs, and Diamonds: How Resource Wealth is Linked to Civil War�

November 9

Mamadou Diawara
Center for Research on Local Knowledge, Bamako, Mali
�Places of Development: Colonial Experts Come to Grips With the Peasants of the Office du Niger in the Last Century�

November 16

K. Sivaramakrishnan
Anthropology, University of Washington
�Circular Migration and Rural Cosmopolitanism in India�
(Vinay Gidwani, coauthor)

November 30

Laurent Dubois
History, Michigan State University
�Prophetic Rumor and the Politics of Slave Revolt in the Americas�

December 7

Erika Weinthal
Political Science, Tel Aviv University
�Globalizing the Central Asian Environment: International Organizations, Nongovernmental Organizations, and the State�



Colloquium Series, Fall 2001�2002

January 18

Arturo Escobar
Anthropology, University of North Carolina
�Reassessing Development and Modernity: Rainforest Futures�

January 25

John Ikerd
Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri
�Rethinking the Role of Agriculture in the Future of Rural Communities�

February 1

David Auerbach
Slow Food Movement
�Slow Food Nation�

February 8

Christopher Hann
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, University of Halle
�The Idiocy of Decollectivization�

February 15

Harry West
Anthropology, New School School for Social Research
�Lions and Sorcery and Metaphors, Oh My!�

February 22

Vupenyu Dzingirai
Development and Research Consultant, Zimbabwe
��There are Bucks and All Sort of Things in Those Forests�: The New Scramble for the African Countryside�

March 1

Rachel Schurman
Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
�Sense and Sensibilities: The Motives and Meanings Behind Anti-GMO Activism�

March 8

Christopher Dyer
Medieval and Modern History, University of Birmingham
�How Oppressed Were Peasants in the Middle Ages?: Assessing Lords’ Impact on the Peasant Economy�

March 29

Michael Goldman
Sociology, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
�East of Eden, South of Wall Street: The Roots/Routes of World Bank Power�

April 5

Guillaume Boccara
Anthropology, �cole des Hautes �tudes in Sciences Sociales, Paris
�Frontiers, Ethnogenesis, and Ethnification in the Americas (Colonial Period)�

April 12

Donna Haraway
History of Consciousness, University of California/Santa Cruz
�Cloning Mutts, Saving Tigers: Ethical Emergents in Technocultural Dog Worlds�

April 19

Subir Sinha
Development Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
�Configurations of �Community� in the Agendas of Nehruvian Socialism and its �Opponents��

April 26

Elizabeth Oglesby
Geography, University of California/Berkeley
�Agrarian Questions and the Geographics of Work: The Politics of Agro-Industry in Postwar Central America�