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Graduate Student Colloquium

Spring 2021

April 30

Meenakshi Nair Ambujam (Graduate Institute, Geneva):
“Title-deeds, Record of Rights and Paradoxes: Exploring Conditions of ‘Landed Landlessness’ in Adivasi Life, Telangana (India)”

Charlotte Ciavarella (Harvard University): 
“Proletarian Seas: A Labor History of the Skin Divers in Japan and Korea”

May 7

Chandana Anusha (Yale University):
“Production of Grazing Land in a Port Entangled Ecology in Western India”

Alex Klein (Yale University):
“‘Design with Nature’ Then and Now: Teachings in Landscape and Architecture Design from the 1960s to Today”

May 14

Ethan Barkalow (Yale University):
“Negotiating Nori: Seaweed Farming and Industrialization in Twentieth-Century Tokyo Bay”

Claire Mayo (University of Tennessee, Knoxville):
“The Great Flood of 1910 Beyond Paris: Nineteenth Century Envirotechnical Regimes and the ‘Flood Pulse’ of the Seine Basin”

May 21

Joshua Linkous (Harvard University):
“Rice Agriculture and Development-induced Scarcity in Tsugaru, Japan”

Snehashish Mitra (National Institute of Advanced Studies, India; Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Fellow, Yale University):
“Marginalization of Tribal and Agrarian Spaces: Post Independence Urbanization of Guwahati, India”