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“Hinterlands, Frontiers, Cities, and States: Transactions and Identities”
Meetings are Fridays, 11am-1pm
Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 203*
*Except September 30 and October 14 in Luce 202 and October 7 and November 4 in the seminar room at 230 Prospect Street
Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 203*
September 16
History, California State University Long Beach
Transformations in the Making and Taking of Animal Life in the Nineteenth-Century United States
September 23
Bren Smith
GreenWave and Thimble Island Oyster Co.
3D Ocean Farming: The Least Deadliest Catch
Links for colloquium available here and here
September 30
History, Georgetown University
Ideas on Fire: Metaphor and Technology in Central Africa, c. 1000 BC to AD1700
October 7
Anthropology, University of British Columbia
Eating and Drinking Maize: Diverging Culinary and Symbolic Roles for One of the Most Important Staple Crops in the Americas
October 14
History, Yale University
Food, Community, and the Geography of Death in Japan’s Volcanic Winters, 1640-1840
October 28
Community Studies, University of California Santa Cruz
Becoming a Pathogen: Verticillium dahlaie and the Fate of California’s Strawberry Industry
November 4
Human Ecology, Rutgers University
Environmental Rule in Vietnam and Beyond
November 11
The Bread Lab, Washington State University
Bred that Way: Wheat Breeding, Eugenics and White Bread
December 2
Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam
The Trials and Tribulations of Megafarms in Post-Soviet Russia
December 9
Jennifer Milikowsky
Walden Hill Farm
Acorn-fed Pigs: A New Enterprise in New England
Spring 2017
*Meetings in Luce 203, except February 17, March 31, and April 14 in the meeting room at 230 Prospect
January 27
History, State University of New York at Binghamton
“Unkempt Edens: Tea and the Culture of Commerce in Eastern India”
February 3
History, Yale University
“Slavery in Mainland Spanish America during the Atlantic Age of Abolition: Colombia, 1810-1880”
February 10
Sociology, Boston College
“Cranberries and Climate Change: Massachusetts Cranberry Growers and the Challenges of Adaptation”
February 17
Archaeology, University of Oxford
“Horsepower: A Southern Hemisphere Perspective on the Adoption of the Horse”
February 24
History, University of Michigan
“Beyond Methodological Terrestrialism: Rethinking Adriatic History through Water”
March 3
Anthropology, University of Sussex
“Trading Worlds: Afghan Merchants across Modern Frontiers”
March 31
Travel Writer and Assoc. Prof. of English, University of Pittsburgh
“In Manchuria: Covering China from the Ground Up”
April 7
History, The New School
“Fields of Finance: Colonial Economism and Credit in Egypt, 1882-1907”
April 14
Yale Agrarian Studies Program Fellow History, University of Chicago
“Revisiting the 1937 Haitian Massacre”
April 21
Yale Agrarian Studies Program Fellow
History, Princeton University
“Building a Republic of Villages: Design and Pedagogy in Cold War India”
April 28
Yale Agrarian Studies Program Fellow
History, St. John’s University
“Trust-Building Exercises: Family Finance and Forestry in Early Modern China”