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Spring Series Colloquia 2017

April 21, 2017

Thursday, April 21

Keri Lambert - Ph.D Candidate, History
Tapping Ghanaians: Kwame Nkrumah’s Rubber Scheme, 1957-66

Faizah Zakaria - Ph.D Candidate, History
Landscapes and Conversions during the Padri Wars in Sumatra, 1803-1840 

Thursday, May 5
5 to 7 pm, 230 Prospect Street

Elliot Prasse-Freeman - Ph.D Candidate, Anthropology
Sedentarized in Motion: Socio-Political Consequences of Dispossession, Displacement, Deterritorialization and Devalorization of Peasants and Poor People in Contemporary Myanmar

Daniel Tubb - Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anthropology
Shift Work: Small-scale Gold Mining in Chocó, Colombia

Friday, May 6
12 to 2 pm at 230, Prospect Street

Kjell Ericson - Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, History
The Cage and The Chain: Materializing a Boom in Postwar Japan’s Pearl Country

Mark Baker - PhD Candidate, History
Spaces of Starvation: State and the City in the Henan Famine, 1942-43