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Colloquium Series, Fall 2004�2005

September 10

Rebecca Solnit
Author and Independent Scholar
�Standing on Top of Golden Hours: Catastrophe, Revolution, Carnival, and the Suspension of Everyday Life�*paper no longer available online

September 17

Nina Planck
Local Foods, New York City
�Beyond Farmers� Markets: The Market for Local Foods�

September 24

John Varty
Environmental Studies, Queen�s University
�First the Loaf: A Hybrid History of Wheat Improvement�

October 1

Michael Mahoney
History, Yale University
�Jolling and Brawling: The Beer Party and Intra-Subaltern Conflict in Late Colonial Natal, South Africa, 1879�1906�

October 8

Lei Guang
Political Science, San Diego State University
�Creating Rural-Urban Boundaries in China: Rural Workers in Cities and State Re-rustication Campaigns from the 1950s to the 1990s�*paper no longer available online

October 15

John Grin
Political Science, University of Amsterdam
�Radical Agricultural Reform in the Netherlands as Reflexive Modernization�

October 22

Edward Friedman
Political Science, University of Wisconsin

Mark Selden
East Asia Program, Cornell University
�Revolution, Resistance, and Reform in Village China: A Quarter Century of Unlearning Certain Realities of Rural Life�*paper no longer available online

October 29

Jonathan Fox
Latin American and Latino Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
�Reframing Mexican Migration as a Multiethnic Process�

November 5

Fred Kirschenmann
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University
�The Current State of Agriculture: Does It Have a Future?�

November 12

Rubie Watson
Director, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
�The Lord�s Kitchen: Church, Community, and Family Farms in Rural Illinois�

November 19

Kate Meagher
Nuffield College, Oxford University
�Social Capital or Analytical Liability?: Social Networks and African Informal Economies�

December 3

Caroline Humphrey
Social Anthropology, Cambridge University
�Cosmopolitanism, Socialist Internationalism, and kozmopolitizm in Multiethnic Russia�



Colloquium Series, Fall 2004�2005

January 14

Harriet Friedmann
Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto
�Modernity and the Hamburger: Cattle and Wheat in Ecological and Culinary Change�

January 21

Wendy Wolford
Geography, University of North Carolina
��Every Monkey Has Its Own Head�: Rural Sugarcane Workers and the Politics of Becoming a Peasant in Northeastern Brazil�

January 28

James L. Wescoat, Jr.
Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
�Landscape Heritage: Conservation, Conflict, and Conciliation in Gujarat�*paper no longer available online

February 4

Karl Zimmerer
Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison
�From Natural History to Environmental Science: Mapping Landscape and Nature in the Andes�*paper not available online

February 11

Dorothy Hodgson
Anthropology, Rutgers University
�Being Maasai, Becoming �Indigenous�: Transnational Advocacy and the Politics of Representation, Recognition, Resources, and Rights�

February 18

Kenneth Pomeranz
History, University of California, Irvine
�The Economics of Respectability: Gender Division of Labor and Rural Livelihoods in Late Imperial China�

February 25

Laura Lovett
History, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
��Fitter Families for Future Firesides�: Popular Eugenics and the Construction of a Rural Family Ideal in the United States?

March 4

Jose Bove
Confederation Paysanne, France
Via campesina, or Building an International Farmers� Movement against Neoliberal Policies and for the Right to Food Sovereignty�*special event; paper not available online

March 25

John Fraser Hart
Geography, University of Minnesota
�The Changing Scale of American Agriculture�

April 1

Scott Guggenheim
World Bank
�Big Development in Little Communities: Reflections on Social Change in Transitional Indonesia�

April 8

Lauren Leve
Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
�Liberal Values, �Failed Development,� and Rural Revolution in Nepal: The Radical Politics of Women�s Empowerment�

April 15

Jan-Bart Gewald
African Studies Centre, Leiden University
�Transformations in Transport in Zambia: Preliminary Ideas Regarding a Social History of the Motorcar in Zambia, 1890-1940�

April 22

Maria Farland
English and American Literature, Fordham University
�Robert Frost, the �Degenerate� Farmer, and the Elevations of Scientific Agriculture�*paper no longer available online