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Resident Program Fellows, 2009–2010

Program Fellows

Ponciano del Pino Huaman — Ph.D. in 2008 in Latin American History from the University of Wisconsin and currently a research affiliate at the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos. While at Yale, he will revise for publication a book-length manuscript, “In Search of the Government”: Memory, Politics, and the State in Indigenous Communities of Ayacucho, Peru in the Twentieth Century.

Matthew García — Ph.D. in 1997 in U.S. History from the Claremont Graduate School. Matt Garcia is currently an associate professor of American Civilization, Ethnic Studies, and History at Brown University. While at Yale he will complete a book manuscript, “Nature’s Candy: Grapes and the Making of the Farmworkers’ Movement,” under contract with the University of California Press.

Annu Jalais — Ph.D. in 2004 in Anthropology from the London School of Economics, Annu Jalais is working on a project on “The Bengali Muslim Diaspora.” At Yale she will write a book about the banishment of Dalits from the Bengali heartland.

Yuka Suzuki — Ph.D. in 2005 from Yale in Sociocultural Anthropology. Yuka Suzuki is currently assistant professor of Anthropology at Bard College. At Yale she will complete a book manuscript based on her Ph.D. dissertation, “Black Baboons and White Rubbish Trees: the Cultural Politics of Race and Nature in Zimbabwe.”

Research Affiliate

Yang Yijie — Ph.D. in Law in 2002 from Renmin University, and currently an assistant professor at the  Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Yang Yijie is at Yale on an Institute of International Education/Ford fellowship to work on a project entitled “Land Rights Disputes in Transitional Society: Historical Experience and Lessons.