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Colloquium Series, Fall 2005�2006

September 9

Alon Tal
Institute for Desert Research, Ben Gurion University
�To Make a Desert Bloom � Sustainability and the Israeli Agricultural Adventure�

September 16

Craig Koslofsky
History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
�Toward a History of the Night in Rural Early Modern Europe�

September 23

Katherine Verdery
Anthropology, University of Michigan
�Abusive Cadres in a Voracious Party-State Romanian Collectivization in the 1950s�

September 30

Alison G. Power
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University
�Linking Ecological Sustainability and World Food Needs�

October 7

Cori Hayden
Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
�What is the Collective (For)?: Bioscience, Exchange, and the Politics of Benefit Sharing�

October 14

Richard Turits
History, University of Michigan
�Race beyond the Plantation: Slavery and Freedom in Santo Domingo�

October 21

Timothy Mitchell
Politics, New York University
�The Work of Economics�

October 28

Anthony Harkins
History, Western Kentucky University
��Flyover Country� and the Evolution of the Idea of Two Americas�

November 4

K�ren Wigen
History, Stanford University
�Seeing Like a Pilgrim: The Alpine Imaginary of Early Modern Japanese Maps�

November 11

Emmanuel Kreike
History, Princeton University
�The Ovambo Paradox: Deforestation and Reforestation in Africa�

November 18

Georgi Derluguian
Sociology, Northwestern University
�Guns + Mountains = Tribal Democratization in the Early Modern Caucasus�

December 2

Arun Agrawal
School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan
�Indigenous Knowledge/Power�



Colloquium Series, Fall 2005�2006

January 13

Angelique Haugerud
Anthropology, Rutgers University
�How about the Laughter?, the Music?, the Zest?: Emotions and the Study of Social Movements�

January 20

Joel Salatin
Polyface, Inc., Swopes, VA
�Holy Cows and Hog Heaven�

January 27

Patricia Limerick
History, University of Colorado, Boulder
�Ranchland Dynamics in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem�

February 3

Radhika Singha
Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
�A �Proper� Passport for the Colony: Border Crossing in British India, c. 1882�1920�

February 10

Kevin O�Brien
Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
�From Mediated to Direct Protest: Tactical Escalation in the Chinese Countryside�

February 17

Daniel Posner
Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles
�African Borders as a Source of Quasi Experiments�

February 24

Eric Freyfogle
College of Law, University of Illinois
�Agrarian Production and the Right to Exclude in Early America�

March 3

Holly High
Anthropology, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University
�The Politics of Poverty: State, citizens, and the non-provision of services in rural Laos�

March 24

Elizabeth Dunn
Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder
�Postsocialist Spores�*paper no longer available online

March 31

Keith Wrightson
History, Yale University
�The �Decline of Neighbourliness� Revisited�

April 7

Piper Gaubatz
Geosciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
�Transforming a �Sea of Grass�: Urbanization, Nomadic Pastoralism, and Agricultural Colonization on the Sino-Mongolian Frontier, 1550�1930�

April 14

Jayeeta Sharma
History, Carnegie Mellon University
�Growing Tea: Lazy Natives and Colonialism�s Coolies�

April 21

Marco Armiero
Environmental History, Council for Scientific Research, Italy
�Elsewhere: Italians in the Frontier, 19th and 20th Centuries�

April 25

Stefania Barca
Economic and Social History of the Modern Age, Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa, Naples
�Health, Labor, and Social Justice. Environmental Costs of the Italian Economic Growth, 1958�2000�