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Colloquium Series, Fall 2006�2007

September 8

Frieda Knobloch
American Studies, University of Wyoming
�Beautiful Wreck: A Red Desert View on Ruin in Wyoming�

September 15

Jessica Allina-Pisano
Political Science, Colgate University
�Post-Socialist Potemkin Villages�

September 22

Ravi Rajan
Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
�Sustenance, Security, and Suffrage: An Essay on Environmental Justice�

September 29

Elizabeth Dore
Latin American Studies, University of Southampton
�Memories of the Cuban Revolution�*paper no longer available online

October 6

David Hughes
Human Ecology, Rutgers University
�The Craft of Belonging: Whites, Water, and Wilderness in Africa�

October 13

Thomas Harttung
Chairman, Aarstiderne (The Seasons)
�21st-Century Sustainable Food Systems: Walking the Tight Rope between Deep Ecology and Corporate Ultra-Light Sustainability, or How to Square the Virtuous Circle without Becoming Square Yourself�

October 20

Durland Fish
School of Public Health, Yale University
�Zoonotic Disease: Intimacy with the Natural World�Instead of a paper, Dr. Durland Fish will present a brief lecture on zoonotic diseases and the micro-biological history of the domestication of livestock and poultry.

October 27

Jimmy McWilliams
History, Texas State University - San Marcos
��Let Us Spray�: The Transition to Manufactured Insecticides, 1860-1900�

November 3

Virginia Anderson
University of Colorado at Boulder
�History in a Minor Key, or The Life of a Seventeenth-Century New England Farmer�

November 10

Prakash Kumar
History, Colorado State University
�Science and the Improvement of Indigo Dye in Colonial India, 1897�1913�

November 17

Gail Hershatter
History, University of California, Santa Cruz
�The Gender of Memory: Rural Women and Collectivization in 1950s China�

December 1

Ignacio Chapela
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley
�Science, Seeds, Sovereignty: Biotech Enters the Genetic Resource Commons�*paper no longer available online

December 8

Ann Gold
Religion, Syracuse University
�Tasteless Profits and Vexed Moralities in Rural Rajasthan�



Colloquium Series, Fall 2006�2007

January 19

Conevery Bolton Valencius
History of Science, Harvard University
�Earthy Science of the Nineteenth-Century U.S.: Understanding the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811�12�*paper no longer available online

January 26

Janisse Ray
�The Bleeding Fields: Rural Exodus, Cultural Depauperization, and Right-Wing Uprise in the American South�

February 2

Arvid Nelson
School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale
�German Forest and Farm Landscapes and the Onset of the Cold War, 1945�1949: Evidence from the Soviet Zone Countryside�

February 9

Richard Schroeder
Geography, Rutgers University
�The Great Trek to Tanzania:� South African Capital, Race, and National Sovereignty in the Post-Apartheid Era�*paper no longer available online

February 16

Valentine Cadieux
Yale Sustainable Food Project
�Beyond the Rural Idyll: Agrarian Problems and Promises in Exurban Sprawl�

February 23

Thomas Barfield
Anthropology, Boston University
�Weapons of the not so Weak in Afghanistan: Pashtun Agrarian Structure and Tribal Organization for Times of War or Peace�

March 2

Vaclav Smil
Geography, University of Manitoba
�The Next Fifty Years: Catastrophes and Trends�

March 9

Finn Stepputat
Danish Institute for International Studies
�Democratarianism? Politics and Shifting Hegemonies in Rural Guatemala�

March 30

John Varty
History, McGill University
�On Breathless Cows and Mad Science: The Anatomy of a 19th-Century Dispute�

April 6

David Guterson
Independent Author
�The Kingdom of Apples: Picking the Fruit of Immortality in Washington�s Laden Orchards�

April 13

Erika Olbricht
English, Pepperdine University
�Robin Hood’s Complaint: Tithes and Agrarian Theology in Early Modern England�

April 20

Richard Kernaghan
Anthropology, Columbia University
�Asphalt Trenches: Peruvian Maoism, Mobile Checkpoints, and Other Questions of Historical Sedimentation�*paper no longer available online

April 27

Liza Grandia
Clark University, Department of International Development, Community and Environment
��The Tragedy of the Enclosures�:� Rethinking Primitive Accumulation from the Guatemalan Hinterland�