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Colloquium Series, Fall 1999�2000

September 10

Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
Center for African Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
�Globalization and African Peasantries�

September 17

Pete Daniel
National Museum of American History
�Bureaucratic Design: The USDA and the Reconfiguration of the Rural South�

September 24

Sutti Ortiz
Anthropology, Boston University
�Power and Bargaining: Laborers and Farmers in Commercial Agriculture�

October 1

Kenneth Kusterer
Sociology, American University
�Small Farmers� Development Strategies, Hers and His�

October 8

John Maarbjerg
History, Yale University
�The Peasant, His Land, and Money: Land Transactions in Late Sixteenth-Century East Bothnia�

October 15

Cindy Hahamovitch
History, The College of William and Mary
��In America Life is Given Away��: Jamaican Farmworkers and the Making of Agricultural Immigration Policy�

October 22

Harold Forsythe
History, Fairfield University
�Kingfish�s Elders: Freedpeople Constructing a World of Institutionalized Power and Meaning in Virginia and the South, 1865-1900�

October 29

James Boyce
Economics, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
�The Globalization of Market Failure: International Trade and Sustainable Agriculture�

November 5

Thomas Bierschenck
Institute for Ethnology and African Studies, University of Mainz
�Domination, Negotiation, and Violence: Reflections on Fieldwork in a Medium-sized West African Town (Parakou, Republic of Benin)�

November 12

Cynthia Radding
History, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign
�Cultural Ecologies in Two Colonial Frontiers of the Americas: Nomads and Villagers of Northwestern Mexico and Eastern Bolivia�

November 19

Bill Duesing
Old Solar Farm, Oxford, CT
�Feeding Ourselves: The Imperative for a Local Organic Food System�

December 3

Gaston Gordillo
Anthropology, University of Toronto
�Sugar Plantations and Money Factories: Cultural Experiences of Poverty and Wealth Among the Tobas of the Argentinean Chaco�



Colloquium Series, Fall 1999�2000

January 14

Anthony Bebbington
Geography, University of Colorado/Boulder
�Of Devils and Details: Engaging Alternative Development Thought in the Rural Andes�

January 21

David Gilmartin
History, North Carolina State University
�Water, Work, and Waste: The State and Colonial Irrigation Science in the Indus Basin�

January 28

Cynthia Duncan
Sociology, University of New Hampshire
�The Politics of Modernization in Remote Resource-Dependent Communities�

February 4

Prasenjit Duara
History, University of Chicago
�Colonial Ethnography and the National Project in East Asia, 1930-1949�

February 11

Steven Stoll
History, Yale University
�Dunghill Doctrines: Soil and the Improvement of Agriculture in the Early Republic�

February 18

Richard Grove
History, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
�El Ni�o, Famine, and Agrarian History in South and Southeast Asia: Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Crisis�

February 25

Henry Bernstein
Programme in Public Policy and Management, School for Oriental and African Studies, University of London
�Telling Environmental Change Like It Is?: Reflections on a Comparative Study in Africa�

March 3

Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek
Anthropology, University of Vienna
�Frontiers, Centers, and Peripheries: Adapting to Changing Fortunes�the Uzbeks of Afghanistan�

March 24

Thandika Mkandawire
Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
�Agrarian Capitalism: From Colonial Rule to Structural Adjustment�

March 31

Joan Martinez-Alier
Economics and Economic History, University Autonoma of Barcelona
�Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Valuation�

April 7

Peter Timmer
Development Studies, University of California/San Diego
�How Well do the Poor Connect to the Growth Process?�

April 14

Jean-Fran�ois Leguil-Bayart
Centre d��tudes et de Recherches Internationales, Paris
�The Paradoxical Invention of Economic Modernity�

April 21

Rohan D�Souza
History, Jawaharlal Nehru University
�The Political Economy of �Flood Control� in Eastern India�