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Resident Program Fellows, 2004�2005

Program Fellows || Visiting Fellows

Program Fellows

Lei Guang
Department of Political Science, San Diego State University
Project: “Creating Rural-Urban Boundaries: The Country and the City in Contemporary China”

Lauren Leve

Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Project: “‘Failed’ Development and Rural Revolution: Maoist Women and the Politics of Empowerment in Nepal”
Laura Lovett
Department of History, University of Massachusetts/Amherst
Project: “Ideologies of the Rural Family and the Nature of American Pronatalism in the Early Twentieth Century”

Wendy Wolford

Department of Geography, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Project: “‘Land for Those Who Work It’: Social Mobilization and the Meaning(s) of Land on Sugarcane Plantations in Northeast Brazil”

Karl Zimmerer

Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Project: “Rural-Urban Distinctions in Landscape Concepts of International Environmental Science, Andean Peasants, and State Rulers”


Visiting Fellows

Marilda Aparecida de Menezes
Sociology, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil

Stefan Dorondel

History at “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Romania

Harriet Friedmann

Department of Sociology, University of Toronto at Mississauga