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Colloquium Series, Fall 1998�1999

September 11

Alex Lichtenstein
History, Florida International University
�Peasants or Proletarians?: Sharecroppers and the Politics of Protest in the Rural South 1880-1940�

September 18

Carlos A. Forment
Politics and Sociology, Princeton University
�Democracy in Spanish America: Civic Society and the Invention of Politics�

September 25

G�ran Djurfeldt
Sociology, Lund University
�Essentially Non-Peasant?: Some Critical Remarks on the Post-Modern on the Peasantry�

October 2

Arun Agrawal
Political Science, Yale University
�The Production of Community-in-Conservation�

October 9

Rebecca J. Scott
History, University of Michigan
�Reclaiming Gregoria�s Mule: Nationalist Insurgency and Local Assertion in the Postemancipation World of Cane (Cienfuegos, Cuba, 1884-1902)�

October 16

S. Ravi Rajan
Environmental Studies, University of California/Santa Cruz
�Bhopal: Erasure, Vulnerability, and the Chronic Disaster�

October 23

Jeya Kathirithamby-Wells
Cambridge University
�Forest Frontier and Hinterland in Peninsular Malaysia: The Twentieth-Century Convergence�

October 30

Annie Proulx
Writer, Centennial, WY
�Dangerous Ground: Landscape in Contemporary American Fiction�

November 6

Nicholas Dawidoff
Writer, New York, NY
�In the Country of Country�

November 13

Megan Haney and Dave Forman
Mad Mares Farm, Bethany, CT
�Mad Mares Farm: The Farmers in Your Neighborhood�

November 20

Steve Striffler
Anthropology, New School for School Research
�Communists, Communists Everywhere!: Understanding Defeat and Betrayal in Ecuador�s Coast�

December 4

Amitava Kumar
English, University of Florida
�Against Mandarin Modernity: The Case of Fiction from Small Town India�



Colloquium Series, Fall 1998�1999

January 15

Tamara L. Whited
Department of History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
�Pastoralists and Geographers in Turn-of-the-Century France�

January 22

Vincent J. Knapp
Department of History, SUNY/Postdam
�What Europeans Ate in Agricultural Times: Eighteenth-Century Levels of Food Consumption and Nutrition�

January 29

Gloria Davis
The World Bank
�Social Development Update: Making Development More Inclusive and Effective�

February 5

Douglas R. Weiner
Department of History, University of Arizona
��Resistance� Reconsidered: Do we Need a New Framework to Describe Responses to Violence?�

February 12

Henry Bernstein
Programme in Public Policy and Management, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
�The Rise and Fall of King Maize on the South African Highveld, or the Boys from Bothaville�

February 19

Joan Mart�nez-Alier
Department of Economics and Economic History, Autonomous University of Barcelona
�Environmentalism of the Poor�

February 26

Christopher Udry
Department of Economics, Yale University
�Learning and Innovation: The Adoption of Pineapple in Ghana�

March 5

Jan Douwe van der Ploeg
Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands
�The Agrarian Question Reconsidered�

March 26

James McCann
African Studies Center, Boston University
�Maize and Grace: Africa�s Green Revolution and Landscapes of Memory, 1500-1999�

April 2

Jin Sato
Advanced International and Social Studies, University of Tokyo
�People in Between: Conservation and Conversion of Forest Land in Thailand�

April 9

Kathy J. Cooke
History, Quinnipiac College
�Breeding for Character: The Frontier and the Development of Eugenics in Early Twentieth-Century America�

April 16

Fredrik Barth
Etnografisk Museum, University of Oslo, Department of Anthropology, Boston University
�Power and Compliance in Bhutanese Rural Society�

April 23

Tamara Giles-Vernick
History, University of Virginia
�Cutting the Vines of the Past: Environmental Histories of Loss in the Sangha River Basin�