Pastoral scene


Colloquium Series Fall 2007

September 7Melanie DuPuis, Sociology, University of California/Santa Cruz
“The Dynamics of Alternative/Sustainable Economies: Modes of Governance as Everyday Forms of Collaboration”

September 14Indrani Chatterjee, History, Rutgers University
“Slaves, Souls, and Subjects in a South Asian Borderland”

September 21
Paige West, Anthropology, Barnard College, Columbia University
“From Modern Production to Imagined Primitive: Tracking the Commodity Ecumene for Papua New Guinean Coffee”

September 28
Bethany Moreton, History, University of Georgia
“Seeing Like a Store: Wal-Mart and the Soul of Neoliberalism”
*paper no longer available online

October 5Nandini Sundar, Sociology, Delhi School of Economics
“The Immoral Economy of Counterinsurgency in India”

October 12Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack, Cheese Makers, Orb Weaver Farm, New Haven, VT
“Orb Weaver Farm: Twenty-six Years of Sustainable Farming”

October 19Birgit Muller, Anthropology, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales/CNRS, Paris
“Favores, ayuda, y robo: Peasants’ Views of Continuity in Systemic Change in Nicaragua”

October 26Michael McGovern, Anthropology, Yale University
“The Political Economy of Predation and Intergenerational Conflict along the Upper Guinea Coast”

November 2James McWilliams, History, Texas State University-San Marcos
“Boll Weevils and Bureaucrats: Leland O. Howard and the Transition to Chemical Insecticides in the United States, 1894–1927”

November 9Derek Rasmussen, Policy Advisor, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
“The Priced versus the Priceless”

November 16Huaiyin Li, History, University of Texas at Austin
“From Righteous to Rightful: Peasant Resistance to Agricultural Collectivization in China in the 1950s”

November 30Richard Wilk, Anthropology and Gender Studies, Indiana University
“Loggers, Miners, Cowboys, and Crab Fishermen: Masculine Work Cultures and Binge Consumption”

December 7
NPR’s Kitchen Sisters, Morning Edition’s “Hidden Kitchens” Series
“Radio, Readings, and Some Secret, Local, Hidden Kitchen Cooking” 
Five radio pieces will be discussed at this session. The pieces are available at the web sites below (links open in new window): Mozart’s Hidden KitchenDeep-Fried Fuel: A Biodiesel Kitchen VisionFarm Aid: Saving the Family Farm‘Milk Cow Blues’: Enthusiasts Seek the Raw StuffHunting & Gathering with Angelo Garro

Colloquium Series Spring 2008

January 18Alexander F. Robertson, University of Edinburgh
“Mieres: The regeneration of a Catalan village”

January 25Helen Tilley,
History, Princeton University
“Africanizing Science: Epistemologies and Fault Lines of Empire”

February 1Benjamin R. Cohen, Science, Technology, and Society, University of Virginia
“Knowing ‘More about Eating Wheat Than Growing It’: Agricultural Knowledge and the Experience-Based Georgic Ethic”

February 8Annabelle Sabloff,
Independent author
“City, Nature, and our Muted Totemic Imagination”

February 15Karen Coen Flynn, Classical Studies, Anthropology, and Archaeology, University of Akron
“Street Credit: The Cultural Politics of African Street Children’s Hunger”

February 22Stephen Wegren, Political Science, Southern Methodist University
“Typologies of Household Risk-Taking: Contemporary Rural Russia as a Case Study”

February 29Michael Perelman, Economics, California State University
“The Perverse Imbalances between Town and Country”

March 7Glenda Gilmore, History, Yale University
“From Tuskegee to Moscow: Black Southerners and Self-Determination for the Black Belt in the 1920s”

March 28Michael Bell, Rural Sociology, University of Wisconsin
“Mobilizing the Countryside: Rural Power and the Power of the Rural”

April 4
Stuart Kirsch, Program in Agrarian Studies Fellow; Anthropology, University of Michigan
“Mining Capitalism: Indigenous Activism and the Politics of Ecological Destruction”

April 11
Peter Benson, Program in Agrarian Studies Fellow
“Tobacco and Innocence: Citizenship, Moral Life, and Biocaptialism in North Carolina”

April 18
Elizabeth Herbin, Program in Agrarian Studies Fellow
“Unregenerate Farmers: Agrarianism and Racism in the Early Twentieth-Century American South”

April 25Kevin Malseed, Program in Agrarian Studies Fellow; Adviser/Researcher, Karen Human Rights Group
“Networks of Noncompliance: Grassroots Resistance and Sovereignty in Militarized Burma”